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Amanda Ostrowitz of CannaRegs & Ryan Darling of Massroots

The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show Host Celeste Miranda had Amanda Ostrowitz, the Co-Founder of CannaRegs and Ryan Darling, the Head of Social Media for Massroots on her show.
Amanda shares her experiences in banking world and how she decided to work in the cannabis industry by looking at the banking problems marijuana entrepreneurs face. She also discusses as how her database incorporates all important information after doing the right research and how businesses can gain access to all this data after subscribing for a minimal cost. She also highlights a bit on federal laws, the importance of right guidance and rescheduling the taxes, payment systems and much more.

Ryan started off by how he stepped into cannabis world by marketing for a dispensary. He emphasized on the importance of having cannabis products & services on social media and how marijuana social media is different from other industries. He suggests entrepreneurs to be creative and focused in order to connect to audience. The content needs to be highly engaging and not something that revolves around your products. Moreover, share content that resonates well and try to avoid over sharing of articles.

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