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Marijuana Investor Insights

MJIC Radio is the voice of the cannabis industry. We produce compelling content combined with informative insight for people interested in all aspects of the industry. We welcome topic and people who support legalization as well as those who don't. Neither for nor against we simply seek to educate.
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The Cannabis Marketing Lab

The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show is a broadcast for cannabis entrepreneurs. The show specifically covers marketing within the industry, reviewing platforms that can assist cannabis entrepreneurs in their marketing efforts. We investigate technology that can launch cannabis businesses to their next level. Interviews are conducted with the industry leaders of these platforms to inform our listeners of the tools within their reach.
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Canna Insider

If you are thirsting for more information about what is going on in the cannabis industry you have come to the right place. We are right here in Colorado, ground zero in the rapidly evolving and immensely lucrative cannabis market. Each week we'll take you behind the scenes and interview the movers and shakers in the cannabis industry. Hear their thoughts on everything from where the industry is going to what the best opportunities are right now.
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About MJIC Radio

MJIC Radio was formed to give our media platform an extended reach in another medium so that those who seek education in the space have another place to go. As this industry progresses there will be many different aspects to cover. At MJIC Media we combine the current platform assets of Marijuana Investor[…]

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  • Investing in Testing and Cannabis

  • The Cannabis Marketing Lab Staff Table

  • Cannabis Investor

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